FSC Maple Flooring Maintenance & Warranty


Keep your DuroDesign maple floor clean, and it will last much longer- grit and dirt accelerate wear.

Your DuroDesign maple floor is very well protected by our tough MP765 finish, but to prevent grit, sand and dirt from being ground into the floor and dulling and scratching the finish, as with any floor, keep the floor clean.

Your maple floor should be routinely vacuumed.

Occasionally, clean the maple floor with a damp mop using wood cleaners formulated for pre-finished hardwood or laminate floors diluted in a bucket of water. These products are commonly found in any Home Depot, Lowes or any reseller of hardwood floors.

Never wax your DuroDesign maple floor, as this is a urethane-based finish.

Spills should be wiped up immediately, as water left for extended periods of time may damage the floor.

Use walk-off mats at entrance doors and in front of kitchen sink is encouraged. Avoid rubber backed or other non-ventilated mats or rugs.

Install proper protectors under "feet" of furniture.

Wheeled chairs should have wide casters.

Beware high heels! Due to the concentration of weight on such a small surface, an average size woman in high heels can exert 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure on the floor that could indent the floors permanently.

Maintaining an adequate temperature and relative humidity around 50%, you will minimize contraction and expansion of your maple flooring.

Observe re-finishing maintenance schedule, and re-finish the maple floor when high-traffic areas begin to show signs of wear.


We offer a 25 year structural warranty for our FSC maple flooring for delamination, separation, buckling or cupping as a result of a defect of manufacturing from the date of sale.

We offer a 5 year renewable finish warranty for our pre-finished FSC maple flooring for normal wear and tear if you follow the re-finishing maintenance schedule. Apply two coats of our MP765 water-base polyurethane:

  • Once per year for high traffic retail
  • Once every two to three years for low to medium commercial traffic
  • Once every five to seven years for residential strand bamboo flooring applications

A well maintained DuroDesign maple floor will last decades.