DuroDesign is Green Flooring

U.S. Green Building Council

We are committed to environmentally friendly flooring

DuroDesign manufactures renewable and sustainable flooring, a low-VOC finishing system and low-VOC flooring adhesives as a continuing commitment to environmental design, sustainable building practices and beautiful green floors.

Flooring with Recycled content

  • Cork flooring is made from 100% recycled content from the production of wine bottle corks

Long-lived durable flooring

  • A DuroDesign floor that lasts decades is an environmentally responsible floor
  • Our MP765 finishing system is specially formulated to protect your floor for years to come

Natural flooring

  • Bamboo, cork, and oak flooring are natural products that contain no PVC's or other harmful chemicals

Sustainable and managed harvests

  • Bamboo groves have an extensive root system and stalks can be harvested indefinitely
  • Cork forests have been in production for hundreds of years and harvested carefully in a time-honored tradition
  • DuroDesign oak flooring is harvested from Chain-of-Custody certified and managed forests

Rapidly renewable flooring products

  • Cork is harvested every 9 years from the bark of the cork oak. The bark regenerates and the tree is unharmed
  • Bamboo stalks achieve maturity in only 5 years

Flooring for a healthy built environment

  • A DuroDesign floor has no off-gassing or residual odor
  • Low-VOC varnish and low-VOC adhesives mean healthy indoor air quality
  • Adhesive emission for our bamboo flooring is almost nil- more than 4 times below the stringent European Union E1 standard
  • Our floors are easily maintained with a mop and water - no smelly polishes or waxes
  • Cork floors help control echo and impact noise