DuroDesign Polyurethane Floor Varnish

Floor Finishing with a Difference

DuroDesign has developed its own proprietary MP765 high-traffic water-base polyurethane system for the ultimate combination of durability, beauty and ease of maintenance in a wood floor finish.

Tough and durable floor finish

  • Thick and flexible for superb abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Our finish will not crack, separate or leave white marks when dented
  • Two-part catalyzed polyurethane for chemical and stain resistance
  • DuroDesign bamboo floors are pre-finished with six coats of our MP765 system finish for long-life
  • DuroDesign cork floors are site-finished to seal all tile edges and seams with four coats of MP765

Easy to refinish

  • Refinish your wood floor with a light screening and two quick-drying top coats
  • MP765 is fast-drying: ready to re-coat in two hours
  • No expensive professional chemical systems are needed to re-finish our pre-finished floor

Crystal clear floor coating for vibrant floors alive with color

  • MP765 is a non-yellowing and transparent floor finish
  • Excellent optical definition for a beautiful, vibrant and natural look
  • Our furniture-grade colors are made by us and come sparkling through beautifully.

Indoor Air quality

  • A very low VOC content and water base means minimal odor during re-varnishing
  • MP765 is a fast-drying water-borne floor finish
  • Absolutely no residual odor or off-gassing

We go one step beyond the conventional with our MP765 Finishing System

  • We finish-sand every piece of flooring, add color with our own furniture-grade stains and coat with our own crystal-clear finish
  • Our competitors are staining and finishing their bamboo flooring in China, with limited colors and cloudy finishes
  • Our water-based polyurethane coating soaks into the wood grain for a natural appearance
  • Their finishes do not penetrate the wood and lie on top giving an artificial plasticky look to a floor
  • Supple and flexible, our finish is resistant and durable
  • Competitor's finishes are too hard and brittle so scratches and dents flake off and show up as white marks
  • Our MP765 coating is simple and quick to refinish
  • Other aluminum oxide pre-finished floors are almost impossible to re-sand and refinish