Bamboo Flooring Frequently Asked Questions


Can a DuroDesign Bamboo floor be installed as a floating floor?

DuroDesign Bamboo floors are also available in an engineered plank measuring 7-3/8" x 5/8" x 72" which is ideally suited to a floating floor installation.

How hard is DuroDesign bamboo flooring?

When tested according to the standards of the National Wood Flooring Association Test (Janka Ball Hardness Test), it shows an average hardness of 1820 PSI.

I don't like the plasticky look and the grooves that catch dust and dirt between the planks of a pre-finished floor. Does Duro-design Bamboo flooring look like a typical pre-finished floor?

DuroDesign uses only square-edged planks for the clean flat look of a site-sanded floor, with the dustless convenience of a pre-finished floor. Our varnish is also specially formulated for utmost clarity, allowing our rich colors and the natural beauty of bamboo to shine through.

Is bamboo threatened by forestry just as hardwood trees are?

No. Cutting bamboo stalks will actually promote faster growth of the stumps that are left behind. Bamboo becomes mature after 4-6 years, unlike hardwoods that may take decades.

What adhesive is used in DuroDesign Bamboo flooring?

The adhesive used in the lamination process has virtually no formaldehyde. It is allowed under the stringent European E1 standards.

What is bamboo flooring?

Bamboo itself is a grass which grows to over 80 feet tall in only five to six years. After harvesting, it is split and flattened, before being laminated under high pressure with an environmentally safe adhesive. The bamboo flooring planks are then treated with hydrogen peroxide to eliminate any mildew and kiln-dried to at least 8-10% moisture content.

What is the difference between "horizontal" and "vertical" Duro-design Bamboo flooring ?

A bamboo stalk is hollow and the walls of the plant are fairly thin. Strips of bamboo are therefore laminated together to make our 5/8" flooring. The terms "horizontal" and "vertical" refer to the orientation in which the bamboo strips are laminated together. In the horizontal style, the strips are laid flat so the top surface shows the bamboo's nodes, or 'knuckles' more prominently. In the vertical style, the strips are turned on their sides and laminated together in long, slender rows creating a different appearance.

What is the difference between Duro-design Bamboo flooring and other bamboo flooring manufacturers?

There are two big differences:

1. COLOR! We are the only company offering over 50 beautiful colors to choose from. And we are adding new colors on a regular basis. Can't quite find the right color? We'll make it for you. Whatever the color- our DuroDesign bamboo flooring colors are consistently clear, vibrant and exciting.

2.Our unique FINISHING SYSTEM (see below).

What kind of varnish do you use on your pre-finished Duro-design bamboo flooring?

We use our own unique MP765 two-component water-base polyurethane system which is thick and flexible, much more durable and very easy to re-finish. It also has great transparency, giving Duro-design Bamboo flooring floors a deep, natural and vibrant look.

What warranty do you offer on Duro-design Bamboo flooring?

We offer a 25 year structural warranty for Duro-design Bamboo flooring for delamination, separation, buckling or cupping as a result of a defect of manufacturing from the date of sale. We offer a 5 year finish warranty for our pre-finished Duro-design Bamboo flooring for normal wear and tear as long as two coats of our MP765 water-base polyurethane is applied once a year for high traffic retail, once every two to three years for low to medium commercial traffic and five to seven years for residential bamboo flooring applications. This is a simple operation (i.e. light manual scuff sand with a #240 grit paper) which takes a couple of hours to do with overnight drying at a cost of less than 1.00/sq.ft. US. The bamboo flooring should be first vacuumed and then regularly cleaned with only water and a strong mop and if wanted from time to time cleaned with wood floor cleaners such as Finnitec, Polycare, Bona Kem, Basic Coatings, etc. afterwards (i.e. these products are found at all places like Home Depot or any seller of hardwood flooring). Also, one must never use waxes or oil polishes on this bamboo flooring as this is a urethane application. A well maintained bamboo flooring will last for decades. We can also provide on-site supervision to assure a perfect bamboo flooring installation.

Where can I install Duro-design Bamboo flooring flooring?

Duro-design Bamboo flooring flooring is an extremely versatile flooring product. It can be installed in virtually any room of your home, above or below ground, over wood, OSB, radiant-floor heating or existing vinyl flooring.

Why do other manufacturers use bamboo planks with bevelled-edges then?

Bevelling the edges allows a flooring manufacturer to use cheaper materials and hide the thickness variation between different planks. Duro-design uses higher-tolerance bamboo material which is more uniform in thickness, allowing us to achieve the clean flat-look of a site-sanded floor.

What set your bamboo finishing apart from other manufacturers?

Firstly, we are importing unfinished bamboo which we then finish-sand and color with high quality furniture stains that we manufacture.

We then finish all our floors with our own 6-coat MP765 two-component water-based polyurethane finishing system, which is crystal clear and non-yellowing.

Our bamboo floors are unique because DuroDesign bamboo floors have a natural appearance, while being protected by a finish which is transparent, thick and flexible, very durable and easy to re-finish.

Most other pre-finished bamboo flooring is stained and finished in China. Their colors are limited and lack depth (i.e. they are coloring the finish). Their finish lacks transparency and doesn't penetrate the bamboo so it sits on the surface with a synthetic plasticky appearance.

The competition's finish, besides being unattractive, is also next to impossible to re-finish successfully in the future.

Why should I choose Duro-design Bamboo flooring over a hardwood flooring?

There are several advantages to using Duro-design Bamboo flooring flooring compared to hardwood flooring.

First, bamboo flooring is an environmentally friendly product. It takes only 5 years for a bamboo plant to grow to maturity, while it takes decades for hardwood trees. And when bamboo is harvested, the root continues to live and produces new stock. Each year, one "mother plant" generates several new bamboo stems that grow to full length in a few months, and to mature hardness in about five years. Bamboo plants are therefore quickly replenished following a harvest.

Second, bamboo is actually harder than hardwood so it makes a more durable flooring. Duro-design Bamboo flooring has a completely different look than hardwood. It resembles an upscale maple and lends itself much more to modern designs. Hardwood installers and contractors need no additional training to install bamboo flooring. Bamboo can be installed using exactly the same tools and methods as are used for installing hardwood.

Will bamboo harvesting affect the environment of Giant Pandas?

No. Duro-design Bamboo flooring is produced using the fast-regenerating Mao Zhu (Phyllostachys pubescens) or "hairy bamboo" species, which often grows to fifty feet in height and two feet in circumference, is mainly found in eastern low mountain areas, and is not part of their diet, nor do they live near these areas. The 700 to 1,000 Giant Pandas living in the wild in China live mainly in western China at elevations of 3,000 to 8,000 feet.


Can a Duro-design Bamboo floor be installed as a floating floor?

DuroDesign Bamboo floors are also available in an engineered plank measuring 7-3/8" x 5/8" x 72" which is ideally suited to a floating floor installation.

Can I glue Duro-design Bamboo flooring directly to concrete?

If moisture conditions are acceptable, Duro-design Bamboo Flooring can be glued directly to a clean, dry concrete slab with a one-part urethane moisture-cure adhesive (i.e. Bostik Best)

Can I install Duro-design Bamboo flooring in a bathroom?

Bamboo floors can be installed in a bathroom- but care must be taken to avoid standing water. Like almost any flooring, bamboo could be damaged if excessive water is left to stand for an extended period of time. That being said, many Duro-design bamboo floors are in use in bathrooms successfully. To cut all risks we would recommend adding two extra coats of our MP765 water-base polyurethane after installation to penetrate and seal all the joints in the floor.

Can I nail down Duro-design Bamboo flooring over a particleboard subfloor?

Many confuse particleboard with OSB (Oriented Stand board). True particleboard commonly used in some manufactured homes does not have enough holding power and will loosen over time. There are many types of OSB that can be used for solid nail down hardwood floors. It is best to consult the manufacturers warranty specs

Do you make recommendations for selecting bamboo flooring installers?

We may be able to recommend qualified installers in your area. For larger projects, we have technical people that can consult with your project needs and even come out to supervise the installation.

I've heard that Duro-design Bamboo flooring is better for use over radiant-floor heating. Why is that?

Bamboo expands and contracts up 50% less than a typical hardwood floor. This means less gapping and stress on the floor with the temperature and humidity fluctuations involved in a radiant-heated floor. So it is a better choice than hardwood for radiant-floor applications.

Is Duro-design bamboo flooring installed similarly to a hardwood floor?

Yes. Installation is the same, and any hardwood flooring installer can install it. Our flooring is pre-finished, so there is no dust, mess or fumes, however.

What are the different DuroDesign Bamboo moldings and how are they applied?

The Quarter Round molding is used to hide the expansion gap at the base of perimeter walls left during installation.

The Tee molding is used as a threshold in doorways or as a transition strip where the bamboo flooring meets tile or carpet of similar height.

The Reducer molding is used as a transition from the height of the bamboo flooring down to the height of a thinner floor, such as a cork floor.

The Stair nose molding is used to cover the front edge of a stair tread or step. If used on a stair, flooring is installed behind the stair nosing to cover the tread of the stair.

The Stair tread is a one-piece tread with integral bull-nose used to compose the entire structural stair tread.


Can I clean my Duro-design bamboo floor with a mop?

Duro-design Bamboo flooring cleans easily with a damp mop. As with a hardwood floor, you should avoid excessive moisture. A slightly damp mop may be used to mop up a spill. We would recommend that you use wood floor cleaners for pre-finished hardwood diluted in water (i.e. Bona X by Bonakemi, Squeaky Clean by Basic Coatings, etc.)

Can I re-finish a Duro-design Bamboo floor?

Yes, in fact when you compare our floor to other pre-finished bamboo floors on the market, our specially formulated MP765 coating system is much easier to refinish.

Do I need to sand down and re-stain my Duro-design Bamboo floor to refinish it?

No. Our MP765 coating can refinished with a quick manual scuff-sand (220grit) and then two coats of our MP765 water-base varnish. Let it dry overnight before subjecting it to regular foot traffic and you are done!

How long will my Duro-design Bamboo floor last?

A well maintained bamboo floor will last for decades. The key to its longevity, besides its inherit hardness, is the toughness and flexibility of our MP765 water-base coating. Keep sand and grit off the floor with regular vacuuming and damp-mopping and the floor will last you a very long time.

How often do I need to re-finish my Duro-design Bamboo floor?

To ensure the lasting beauty of your Duro-design Bamboo floor, an additional coating of urethane should be applied every year for high-traffic commercial (i.e. retail stores, restaurants, etc.), 2 to 3 years for medium traffic (i.e. offices, museums, etc.) and 5 to 7 years for light commercial or residential bamboo flooring.

What else can I do to maintain my Duro-design Bamboo floor?

In order to maximize the durability and beauty of your Duro-design Bamboo flooring, we recommend the following practices as part of your floor's normal care and maintenance: Place doormats or rugs at entrances to collect moisture, sand, grit and other potentially damaging substances from being tracked onto your bamboo floor. Dust mop or vacuum with a soft accessory to keep your bamboo floor clean from dust, dirt or grit. For sticky spots, use a soft damp cloth to gently scrub the floor. If necessary, use a generic hardwood floor cleaner. Do not use steel wool or other abrasive scouring pads. Do not use harsh detergents, abrasive cleansers, or corrosive chemicals to clean your bamboo floor. Avoid excessive water. If a spill occurs, blot it up immediately with a dry cloth or slightly damp mop. Protect the floor from furniture legs and do not walk on the floor with high-heeled shoes.

What bamboo floor cleaning products do you recommend?

We would recommend that you use hardwood floor cleaners for pre-finished hardwood flooring diluted in water (i.e. Bona X by Bonakemi, Squeaky Clean by Basic Coatings, etc.)Apply as directed with a damp mop.


Can I get samples?

Yes you can get samples - contact us at 1-888-528-8518 or by emailing us at and we'll put you in touch with your local DuroDesign Bamboo flooring representative or showroom.

How do I purchase Duro-design Bamboo flooring?

Contact us at 1-888-528-8518 or by and we'll put you in touch with your local Duro-design Bamboo flooring representative or showroom.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is included in your quoted per square foot price.

Is there a minimum order quantity when I buy Duro-design Bamboo flooring from Duro-design?

No, there is no minimum order. In addition, you may purchase the exact square foot quantity you require- you are not limited to buying full boxes (23.55sqft. Per box)

When ordering Duro-design Bamboo flooring how much extra should I order to allow for waste?

As a rule of thumb, add 8% to 10% for waste and cuts depending on your skill level and the layout of the area. Diagonal layouts, or floors with curved walls may require more careful calculation of the quantity required.