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DuroDesign, a floor manufacturer since 1995, has become synonymous with colored cork flooring and colored bamboo flooring. We now bring the same expertise in superb floor finishes and floor stain color to our latest lines of engineered oak flooring.

Combining over 35 years experience in the coatings industry with renewable flooring products, DuroDesign breathes exciting new life and durability into the world of cork

What We Do

DuroDesign strives to create natural flooring products that are stylish, ultra-resistant, easy to maintain, rich and vibrant in color and suitable for all commercial and residential applications.

DuroDesign combines its very own MP765 finishing system with state-of-the-art dyeing and tinting technology to create tough, yet beautiful floors. We have put years into developing a durable, commercial-grade, low-VOC, water base urethane finish which is clear and non-yellowing, extremely wear-resistant, thick and flexible. We are always refining our vast color palette, as we work in close conjunction with designers and architects to meet their specific needs for one-of-a-kind, original custom floor colors. Our long-lasting and simple to maintain floor finish ensures your floor will last decades.

How We Can Help

With a dedicated staff of 40, DuroDesign creates every floor with care and attention, whether it is a small residential bathroom floor or a large retail commercial floor. Our helpful sales staff is there to answer your flooring information questions, and, as always, the DuroDesign technical staff is always just a phone call away, ready to assist you for a successful floor installation.

Ask us about recommended qualified installers in your area. For larger, commercial flooring applications, DuroDesign technical on-site supervision is also available.

If you're an Installer, feel free to contact us to inquire as to how to become a DuroDesign qualified installer!

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